SBMC Negotiations Update #9


August 14, 2020

Dear NJNU Members:

The company and your NJNU-CWA bargaining team met virtually again via GoToMeeting.

The Team has persisted and we have tentatively agreed on language for PPE yesterday and Staffing the prior session. Discussions have continued regarding Sick Leave during a pandemic to assure certain time paid. For the first time the hospital countered on our proposal, and we responded to that proposal to hopefully come to an agreement.

We know that our members want details on our financial proposals; we will not be bringing exact number or percentages in these updates. Why you ask? The Team is not being secretive but there is a strategy to negotiations, and as a Team along with CWA direction, we believe this is the best approach for a positive outcome.

 Today we have brought a unique concept to the hospital which they are costing out and currently considering.  

The Team continues innovate to get to something we think our members will be able to accept and eventually ratify.

We thank you for your patience and support. 

We have buttons for those who do not have them, please contact your delegate or contact person so we may get them to you. Those that do have them, WEAR THEM PROUDLY!

Keep sending those SOLIDARITY pictures; we need a lot before we can send them publicly.

Hold your arm held high in strength, take a picture and send it to us 973-975-6764 or You have the entire weekend, let’s get 1000! Let’s show the hospital we are ONE and UNITED! (Remember turn your badge, no patient identifiers or patient care area)

Remember that NJNU needs your personal email to receive updated communications. Text nursenj to 69866 on your mobile device to receive text updates from NJNU.

We are scheduled to meet next week.

In Unity,

Negotiating Team